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What Is HUBlife

HUBlife.org is an online video sharing community that promotes and connects people in cities and regions through messages of Healing, Unifying and Building bridges across racial, denominational and socio-economic lines.

There’s a lot going on in our world. Every day we see videos, images and words of brokenness, division and pain. The need for healing, unity and love has never been greater.

How do we restore respect, honor and value with one another? At HUBlife.org, we believe it starts first within the Body of Christ and then throughout entire communities and into the world.

You are not alone in your desire to Heal, Unite, and Build bridges. What if like-minded leaders were committed to activating people to care not just about themselves, but others around them?

All over the world, there are people like you who are making a difference and sharing their stories and ideas on how to usher in this positive change.

You can start right now by taking a look at the videos people have created and placed on this website, and then sharing your videos of Healing, Uniting and Bridge-building as well. Come! Make that difference and share your voice.

HUBlife.org. It’s not just a website! It’s a community!”