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While the idea of uniting believers across the globe goes back to the Great Commission in Matthew 28, the method HubLife.org is using is modern and cutting edge. We also understand that after browsing around HubLife.org, you might have some questions.

Questions like:

How do I become a part of HubLife.org?

How can my church or organization become a partner?

What are your video requirements?

Where and how was HUBlife.org started, and who are the people behind it?

These questions will eventually become part of our FAQ section, but we know how important it is to talk and communicate with a real person. That’s why this page is here. We want to have a dialogue with you. Every city and locale is different, and we want to help you become someone in your community that can bring the message of Healing, Uniting and Building bridges to the masses.

Email us at the address below. We we’d love to hear from you.