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We’re glad you clicked the Donate button and are on this page! To us, it means you’re interested in knowing how you can help HubLife.org to continue operating and making a difference in our world. Thank YOU! The good news about this website and ministry is that the costs to run it are minimal compared to other ministries.


For the vision of HubLife.org to succeed and continue operating, we need to advertise the website on various social media platforms to get the word out that there is indeed a place and ministry where leaders from around the globe are coming together to help Heal, Unite and Build bridges across many social lines. Although several of us on the HUBLife team volunteer many hours of our time, the technical and advertising expenses are ongoing. When funds are low, we have to slow down until we pay our providers, which, of course, slows momentum.


If you’re on this page, we’d love to believe God is stirring your heart to help this ministry stay on course. Please click on the donate button below to give a charitable donation to HubLife.org. And while you’re here, be inspired by clicking on some of the videos to see what God has been doing in communities across the globe!


Thank you,

HubLife Team